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    the last time i was out shooting with my daughter,we blew up some balloons about head sized,tied them together
    and put them in various places in trees and bushes.
    red balloons were the bad guy,yellow and green the hostages.
    we placed them so that we had to work into position to get a good shot at the bad guy without hurting our hostage balloon and being sneaky like you would in a real life situation.
    it was a preety cool and fun way to make shooting a little more exciting for her and it is in my opinion a good
    training for a shtf situation.
    i shoot targets with no thought as to what a few inches might make but when you dont want to kill your hostage balloon
    it puts a little more pressure on you even though the target is bigger with the balloon the feeling that you might hurt
    the hostage makes it pretty exciting.
    try it next time your out in the woods,it made a pretty fun day for both of us.
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    Where did you go shooting in the woods? We usually go up above Hagg Lake. We're looking for a new place to shoot.

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