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Has anyone had problems with wichester large pistol primers jamming up the priming system? When I use CCI and Remington this does not happen. Basically the sliding arm will not come forward. I can dump all the primers and put Remington primers with no adjustments and it works smoothly. Sad thing is I only have 6K of Winchester large pistol primers left.
I've had this problem on and off with a few different machines (dillon 1050, dillon 650, ammoload) typically, it's due to primer dust build up, or in a situation I had a few months ago, winchester sent out a big batch of large pistol primers with especially soft primer cups (Wolf primers also have this problem) which was a constant source of frustration. I don't remember the lot numbers off the top of my head, but I linked to a story on THR where someone had the same problem and lot codes were mentioned. We ended up having to return nearly 100K primers (and this was in the middle of the primer shortage!!!!!).

In general, pull the priming system apart (oh sounds like fun doesn't it!) hose it down with some cleaner/degreaser (I usually use this stuff called "purple power") hose it off in really hot water, and then blow all the water off with a compressor. You may also want to take either some pipe cleaners, or you can pull some of the fluff off a q-tip and jam it through the feed tube and blow it out with the compressor.

If you see lots of brilliant yellow coming off your parts as you clean them, that's lead styphnate, which is a picric heavy metal salt. Picrates were originally used as yellow dies before their explosive potential was recognized.

I hope that helps, keep us updated on your progress.
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