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    So I’m shopping my insurance coverage and decided to get a quote from Amica even though I had heard they are not firearms friendly.

    So I went online and got a quote for homeowners insurance from them. Afterwards I called to speak to a representative to confirm the quote. She asked a lot of questions about the house construction, whether we ran any businesses from home, and lastly whether there were any firearms in the home. I said yes I own firearms. She asked how many and I reluctantly told her. She asked if they had trigger locks on them. I said no they don’t; they are actually kept in a 1000 lbs. safe bolted to the floor and my house gun is in a separate safe. Then she asked (and here she struggled for the right terminology) if I had concealed carry license. I said yes I do. She asked if I had training with firearms. I replied I had training. Then she moved on other questions.

    At the end she gave me the quote and it was actually lower than the online quote and substantially lower than my current insurance company. I was shocked because I really thought they would either turn me down or give me an outrageous quote to make me go away.

    So has anyone else had any actual experience with Amica? I don't want to hear about a friend of friend's experience.
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    That had to be a new girl and she screwed up royally. If not good deal for you.

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