Homeowner opens fire on burglars in Spanaway, killing one, second suspect at large.

Talking to the news weasel was a serious mistake. Anything you say can and will be filtered through the prism of ignorance and malice to further the Progressive Agenda.
Which is exactly why I choose news anonymity with my situation a few years ago.

In my case I did NOT shoot the intruder so I had no further legal entanglements however I didn't see the need to talk to the news, be on TV etc.
It is too bad that he had to go on TV wearing his gun. Notice how they kept focusing on the holstered weapon? He was right about protecting his life and property. Maybe this will send a message, probably not. The sight of a firearm just sends the wacko's in Olympia more fuel to take our guns.
He probably didn't HAVE to, he choose to.

I totally support his actions (again, I came close myself) but he should have ditched the gun and the Ted Nugent costume for the interview.

Then barney LEO saying call the police we will handle it.
Yea, like that was really necessary - a standard, 'canned' response. Almost like he was 'inferring' a lack of support for a homeowners legal rights and actions.

First Rule of the Press: "Anything you say CAN and WILL be first misquoted and taken completely out of context and THEN used against you."
Yea, kind of like his last three words of the interview, 'I don't care' - I can only imagine how that could get 'spun' out of control
by a crafty lawyer and used in many ways against him.
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Some stupid teen will of course get killed and the wailing will begin. Worst off is the person who shoots the little moron then has to live with this for life. Long while back a guy here killed his girlfriends teen son this way. He was home sick. Kid thought he was at work so he and buddy broke in. Guy wakes up to sound of people in his house and finds them while he has a shotgun. He got one as he was going out the window and he died. Only then did he find out it was his GF's kid. Same thing is going to happen with these MORONS thinking its a game to kick in a door for fun.

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