Homemade sausage shelf life Question

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by sapper77, Nov 16, 2014.

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    I'm planning on making homemade summer sausage using a kit that has all of the seasoning and cure in it. I will be smoking and slowing heating then in the smoker. If they are vacuum sealed, how long can I keep them without refrigeration? The ones you buy in the store Can keep for awhile without refrigeration. Is there really much if a difference between the two?
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    My thought is rancidity. Fat and oil turn quickly at room temperatures. The same as jerky; most commercial jerky makers suggest refrigeration once opened and to use the unopened by the " best date".
    All commercial makers vacuum pack there products using better equipment than what we home makers can get.Best of luck.
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    There is a HUGE difference!!!! The crap from a store is mostly preservatives with some "meat slurry" mixed in. Expect any home processed meats to last maybe a week or two in real cool weather. You might look in to dry canning the summer sausage. I have had this on the list to research and try.
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    What type of summer sausage? Might be better to make a different type of sausage.
    Jerky that is made correctly will last a very long time if kept dry and no bugs.
    Sausage's where a way to storage meat for long periods of time. So do some more research of the subject.
    A lot of foods can be stored. Fermenting, dehydrating, smoking and they do not need a lot of special handling in storage just clean and dry.

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