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    OK, I have been posting way to much upon the political issues, in Off Topics... So this morning, As I was making coffee this morning, I remembered that I wanted to share my Home Made Rocket Stove.

    What is a Rocket Stove????

    Simply put, it is a containment system, to reorient wasted heat, onto your cooking vessel!

    I make coffee in an incomplete Revere Ware Stainless Steel "Perker". No percolation system, as I do not have the original lid, nor the stem. I use the modified basket, for Double Boiling within the Pot, but that is another story.

    Being single, on a fixed income, I Conserve where ever I can. So for over Five years, I have cooked on a Two Burner Propane stove, hooked to a 20 pound propane tank. I last filled it Eight months ago, Or More, next tank, I will ~date the start of use~ For more understanding of savings.

    For those who do not understand costs by cooking on Propane, you get exact heat control, without waiting for your electric range to get to operating temperature, then when you turn Off your heat, you have no residue heat in your burner, That you Paid for, But did not cook your food!!!!

    I noticed one day, that my burner sent flames, much farther out, than the diameter of my Coffee Pot!

    So, Rocket Stove Time:

    I took a number 10 size can, and did some measurements:

    1. Distance from base of stove, to top of grill.

    2. Depth needed for ~Rocketing~ Or Redirecting those flames... If I get my photo uploaded, you will see:

    About 1 1/4 inches of cuts. Approximently, 4+ inches above those cuts.

    To make the cuts, I first cut the hight. The opened rim, is the top of the Rocket.

    I used a Dremel Moto-Tool, using cut off disks. USUAL LEGAL CAUTION NOTICE INCLUDES: watch out for sharp metal edges, use Safety Glasses, ask your mommy if your old enough to play with a Dremel, etc.

    I set the sharp edges on my flat Sanding Bench, it is just a 1/2 inch piece of ~scrap~ plexi-glass, I spray glue sandpaper to it... I used that to grind that sharp edge down, finishing with a round type file inner and outer edges... I have worked Too Long, to not do that kind of safety stuff!

    Now, using a Marks-All felt pen, I made marks lining up with the grills bars. I only did the front, first!!!!

    All cut, tested, filed clean... I turned the can 180 placed it upon the grill, towards the back... And marked the Front.

    I now made the front cuts, and filed smooth.

    I fit it back on, it fit nicely, All the Way to the Base, or floor where those burners come through.

    NOW, all the heat, hits the #10 can ~Rocket Stove~ And goes UP, along the sides of my Coffee Pot!

    Other uses: my Six inch Cast Iron fry pan, seals the top rim, so all heat is trapped under its bottom. That means 90+ % of heat, hitting my pan, allowing lowering of heat, for same cooking needs!

    I also have a 750 Milliliter Sierra Cup, made of Titanium, by Vargo, which effectively sits upon that rim, and I use that to cook soups, Ramen Noodles, etc.

    Again, the concept of less Unused heat, equals more Savings in heat!

    I do hope you try this, an outside, in the winds benefit, is Zero Wind touching the flames!!!!

    philip, in the Boondocks



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