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The added benefit to those homemade plates is that human sweat turns them into a nice skin balm that both softens and soothes.

Lulz no idea
I would want to try this with a roll of kevlar fabric instead of fiberglass.

Fun not so fun fact; standard 1980s PASGT vest is made with at least 24-28 layers (plies) of Kevlar fabric. Same material, I think 12-14 layers plus an epoxy resin for the helmets. Technology has improved since then with better epoxies and kevlar/aramid fibers.
I would want to try this with a roll of kevlar fabric instead of fiberglass.

Or variable layers.

Few Kevlar / multiple fiberglass / few Kevlar / multi fiberglass

Would be curious to see if a 1 mm plastic sandwiched in there would help. Just to let some stretch the 1 mm.

Or all of above after ceramic tiles.

Point is to try for inexpensive, lightweight & low bulk. That work. Not so easy...

This is something simple and easy to put together and it offers a decent level of protection.
Thx for posting this. This guy does a great job on his videos Imo. Shows the inherent problem with shockwave compared to a regular stocked (including folding stock) shotgun.

Now there is a way to reuse those old boats you see for free on Craigslist! :s0112:

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