Home made mask?


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That's what I'M talking' about!

I just went to Winco for the "weekly," wore the mask. By the time I got out of there it felt so good to take it off. Miserable!

Wifey's store didn't have the masks yesterday, yet. She was going to make her own out of an old bra. I suggested she not ruin the bra and use it complete, and get a single ear muff in the deal. Depending on where she goes throughout the day one station is right in front of the doors and the breeze blows cool, on one side, when people are coming and going.
My sister made us some out of old shirts and the 10 rated heater filters. I don’t think there quite as good as n95 but there suppose to filter quite a lot. You can probably google how to make them. There’s a lady online showing how to make them.
Heater filters can contain fiber glass and that is really bad stuff to breath. Cotton is about the best thing and will stop droplet infection even though the virus is smaller

The Heretic

HEY, maybe now I can see kinda what some of you guys really look like, since most are normally so "OPSEC" about showing your face on here.
I think at least ten members, probably more, have seen my face in person, with and without the beard, over the years when I have bought guns or ammo from them.

I don't usually post my face on forums where I make controversial posts because of bad experiences I have had in the past with employers/employees and their opinions on guns and/or libertarian politics. In one forum there were people who sometimes would disagree so vehemently with various people on the forum that they would find employers/etc. and try to cause them problems.



This one in the above video is a copy of a 3m mask and is easy to make/sow.

It uses hepa vacuum bags, just ordered some from the hoover website. Those guys don't say what is in stock though so not sure I will be getting them for a few months. Price low but shipping slow.

So... in the mean time I bought some hepa filters for a air filter, cut them up and made a breathing tube from them. Photos below.

I wrap the filter material around a 1/2 pvc pipe to form it. Then use super glue to glue the seam. Then I close the front end using super glue. To use I cut a 2" section of the 1/2 tube, heat the end to about 225 degrees with a heat gun and flatten the end so it has a 1/8 to 3/16 opening. I put some grooves on the end so I can hold it in place via my teeth. This filter material has a fuzzy side and a firm side. It is meant for air to flow into the fuzzy side and out the firm side. I was gluing heave duty paper towel over the fuzzy side as it need to go on the outside if it is going to be used to protect me from breathing in polluted air.

Latest version, shown in photo below, I folded over the filter paper doubling it so it has the harder part of the filter paper on both sides then I used a heat sealer to seal the sides and the end. Size it so when I open up the open end it fits around the 1/2 pvc tube/mouth piece pretty tight but is still able to slide on. Put a wrap of scotch tape on where it fits on the PVC just in case.

Note, Super glue was quick and easy so I used it when I first made these but OMG it stinks at first but after it cures for 24 hrs it's fine. The heat sealed version is good to go right away. Heat sealer is the type used for packaging and sealing small bags.

Tested it via wearing it around my garage while grinding and sanding on things. After a while it is second nature to suck in through the tube and breath out thorough my nose. You can also breath out through your mouth by opening up one side and letting air out. My wife thinks it nuts and said she would never use it because she would be afraid of breathing in through her nose "by accident" I suppose you could get some nose plugs/clamps used for swimming and use those.

I find it works well for me because I have a beard and the breathing tube assures no air leaks around the mask due to poor fit or beard interference. After using it for a while out in the garage and it working well I decided I'm going to permanently keep these on hand for when ever I go out as they are pocket size, in the car and maybe keep one by my chair for when my dogs start farting.

It looks weird and different from the other people who are using mask. People stare and look at me like wtf... I revel in being different so this fits the bill, is pocket size and filters 100%.

20200407_235631.jpg 20200402_172921.jpg 20200402_172933.jpg
Below are some prototypes made with super glue and paper towel glued on the outside. They do work well, but the heat sealed version is superior.

If I was going to build a lot of these I found some sources for plastic mouth pieces, links below.

Also a source for the filters I used from ebay.

Filtrete Hepa B Filter on ebay


hepa bags on hoover website

Hepa filters are getting scarce quickly, so, if you want to build these ether form the air filters or hepa vacuum bags grab some quick. I'm thinking the vacuum bags are going to be better then the air filters for mask and the breathing tubes.

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Made these this morning...nice fit the material is perfect for form fitting. Most bikini tops have an inserted piece of foam inside. This one did. Breathable but also passed the test of not being able to blow out a lighter flame through it.
Theory I came across on how to test the effectiveness of a homemade mask. Not a guarantee but on my opinion it's gotta be better than no mask.
I just bought some on Etsy.. Pretty affordable (relatively speaking) and saves me the effort of shopping for women's bras and such.. Also, order a nice balaclava kind of cover for the face.. Amazon is completely sold out and don't think the quality is better.

See some gougers on Gunbroker selling boxes of medical masks for $80 a piece. I am pretty sure that is illegal at this point to do what they are doing and they have quite a bit of quantity. Gunbroker is the last frontier for gougers before the feds round em up. Amazon vendors are selling all their dust, medical and any other legitimate kind of face mask (not the cheap garbage on Amazon) to medical professionals. And, that is probably where they need to go .

Outside of N-95s, nothing is going to protect you, it's all about getting into stores, looking fashionable and spreading less virus to others, which is the best benefit of wearing a cover.


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