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    I have for sale a very complete brewing kit for making extract-based beer (as opposed to malting your own grain). Except that you need a large pot to cook the wort, this is complete except for the extract, specialty grains, and yeast. I started brewing about a year and a half ago, and added pieces and parts to the kit I started with to end up with this very complete setup. A bit more moolah than a beginner's kit, this includes all those things you'll go out and buy to make brewing easier after buying the beginner kit. You have enough fermenters to have three batches in process, and are set up for bottling either 12 or 22oz bottles. You also have a keg and can set up for kegging and keg conditioning (using natural carbonation) as-is, or you can go buy a CO2 tank and regulator and force-carbonate.

    This is a great setup for $300 - hard for me to let it go, I have made some really good beers with this setup. Really, really good ones - and if I can so can you. I just drank it as fast as I made it, which caused problems with my wardrobe.....:laugh:

    • 2 Fermenting buckets (plastic), 6+ and 7+ gallon capacity (today, folks do full fermentation in the plastic buckets, and don't use a secondary but to clarify)
    • 1 5 gallon glass carboy with handle (for use as secondary for clarifying)
    • 5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot and tubing
    • Several fermentation locks
    • Stirring spatulas and spoons (food grade)
    • Scale for weighing hops
    • Cleaning brushes for glassware
    • Misc stoppers and plugs
    • 2 Erlenmeyer flasks for yeast starter (Pyrex so can be heated) I really recommend using starter, is easy to do and makes a better yeast start -- avoids the fermentation anxiety since you are pitching waaaay more yeast than comes in the flask
    • 2 siphon starters (different sizes)
    • Lots of plastic tubing
    • Bottling cane with valve
    • Two extract buckets (for when you purchase the extract syrup, you don't have to pay for the bucket)
    • Gypsum
    • Irish Moss
    • Dry malt extract (for yeast starter)
    • Cane sugar (for bottle or keg conditioning -- natural carbonation)
    • Wing style bottle capper
    • Bottle caps (at least a couple of batches worth)
    • About 4 (minimum) to 6 cases of 22oz bottles (12/case, takes about 2-1/2 cases for a batch of beer)
    • Ridiculous amount of hops of various varieties
    • More hops
    • Even more hops
    • Wine thief (for sampling the beer for specific gravity measurement)
    • Hygrometer (sg measurement tool)
    • Floating thermometer
    • Quick, restaurant style dial thermometer
    • Copper wort chiller
    • 2 lengths of hose for wort chiller
    • Sanitizer
    • Large storage container for most of the brewing equipment
    • 5 gallon corny keg (I have two more available, inexpensive, need reconditioning)
    • Unused, full sized tap
    Plus a stack of books, from basic to very technical, on brewing beer.

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