Holsters+9mm ammo FMJ and Hollowpoints + other misc.

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    Ok here is what I got. I figure this might be a great pickup for a guy who sells at gun shows. I unopened box of 22 WMR (50)CCI Maximags. 2 boxes (100) of 3D 9mm FMJ 115 grain. Looks like 37 rounds of hollowpoints, the ones with a little post in the middle (used to carry this type in my .45 forget the name though). And another 76 rounds of 9mm FMJ. I calculated at .26 cents a round, so you getting hollowpoints for FMJ price. Have a wood grip for a Taurus 669+689 revolver unopened in original packaging. Also a super nice holster for a Taurus revolver or J frame 4 or 5 inch barrel (Minute Man) Another Minute man holster for medium sized auto? A pocket holster for an LCP. Sidekick size 5 holster (small of back). And 2 cheap uncle mikes sidekick holsters size 2 and size 15. Couple of 22 magazine loaders for? Will not seperate, trying to clean some stuff out here. All for 75 obo... or partial trade towards a derringer, Win94 30-30, M44 Mosin Nagant? Have a cheap 22 LR revolver for sale in handguns too for 120 obo. Thanks for looking! Not bad 75 bucks worth of ammo and getting all the holsters for free!
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