Holster for a LC9 ?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by maramorai, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Hi everyone. I have a LC9 with laser. Nice gun. Anyways. Right now I am using a shoulder holster. I am unhappy with this holster. Why? I am 5'0 tall. The belt straps will not shorten any shorter. I would prefer to shoulder carry but would be happy with any other ideas, except a bra holster. I looked at one and well it just seems tacky. Do they make holsters for a short person? Is a hip holster that slides into your pants and rests against for skin and the gun holster sits on the outside any good or should it be more secure. I am asking because my fiancé is a long haul trucker and he is not home to ask and I would like some advice so when he comes home I can drag him excitedly to the gun store and show him what I want. He wants me to have a couple different holsters. But I want to know before I go out and spend money on ones to stay away from and ones that are great. We are willing to spend some money on some good ones as we do not want something for me that could fall, fall apart, or is just completely wrong. I can say the un store I went into today was excited to see a woman carrying concealed. :thumbup: I made sure I was not loaded showed them it was clear. Then they asked if I just carried or had a concealed too. Wow they were showing me everything when I said I have a license. But I also think they saw woman and $$$$ signs. I will be happier when they have some 9 mm rounds in for sale though. No one in Salem seems to have any right now.
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    If you want a shoulder holster, have you thought about a custom one made just for you.

    Paddle holster should be fine for a gun that small, use a good belt and it should stay put.
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    I have found a lot of high quality and inexpensive holsters and related items on Ebay, of all places! My wife has a Kel Tec P3AT that she carries in her purse. I reminded her that a purse snatcher would be getting more than he bargained for if she didn't carry her pistol on her person. I bought two different styles for her and she likes both of them. Now any potential purse snatcher would, at the most, get a purse.
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    CrossBreed Holsters > Home - Love em. I had a Minituck IWB for my LC9 before I sold it. It was very comfortable. Expect to pay up to $85 for it, but well worth it IMO.
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