WTS OR Holland Custom 22-250 Ackley Unfired, coming to Salem/Portland 4/11-4/12

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    Coming to Salem and Portland 4/11-4/12 I am looking to meet somewhere on the way from Redmond. I will consider trades, only thing I am looking for is Lone Eagle or Competitor pistol in .308 or larger caliber. Reloading equipment is always good. Also 30-30, 30-06, 32-20 and 44-40 brass. Leupold Vari-X II scopes too.

    Please post, "I will take...." if you want it, but I will not consider the deal finalized until we have exchanged emails, texts or a phone call. At that time, it will be marked as "sold pending FTF". I will do my absolute best to go in order, but the best way to ensure your "place" in the order list is to text me.

    As the law requires, I can only sell to someone whom I believe to be from the state of Oregon. I do not require ID checks or bills of sale. I am happy to do either of those if you need. I am legal to posess and sell my personal firearms.

    I am not opposed to shipping out of state to your FFL.

    I do NOT sell junk. I back up what I am selling and will make it right with you if an unknown problem pops up. I would only sell guns, ammo, and components that I would shoot myself. I WILL NEVER INTENTIONALLY RIP SOMONE OFF. Just call me and I will make it right.

    Except as otherwise noted, these firearms do not come with accessories such as scopes, rings, slings, bandoliers, etc. They do include scope bases if shown.

    Click on picture for larger picture and more pictures.

    Sako 22-250 Ackley Improved Custom by Darrell Holland $2500 OBO
    Sako Action, Hart Cryo-treated stainless 25" heavy barrel with Holland brake, Pillar Bedded with Canjar set-Trigger. Currently topped with a Leupold Vari X-III 6.5-20 (not included in the price, but negotiable). Also comes with a nicer metal and black plastic lockable, airline approved case that has the foam custom-cut for this rifle. This gun has not been fired since it left Holland's shop. This should be a VERY capable 700+ yard rifle for prairie dogs. My research indicates that people with a similar (but lower-quality setup) were able to get excellent 500 yard accuracy with regular 22-250 ammo! Darrell is an internationally renowned gunsmith and long-range shooter out of the small town of Powers in SW Oregon. His website is: Holland's Gunsmithing & Shooters Supply He is usually very open to talking with you about any gun he has made. Ther serial # for this one is: 63695 His custom rifles start at $2795 and then you add-on from there. I believe that this one was about $3500.
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