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    I haven't bought anything from George's, but I have been in there several times.

    The customer service is....different. The last time I was in there he stayed in the back room for ten minutes after I came in, and then eventually just yelled out for me to let him know if I wanted to see anything. I guess that's good in a way, sort of like a no pressure car lot or something, but that time, and other times I've been in there, it's almost like it's an inconvenience for him to have a potential customer in his shop.

    I haven't been in there in awhile, but the last time I was, his prices were absolutely ridiculous on some things. Maybe he's just the kind of dude who hopes for a sucker, or haggles, or maybe this is just more of a hobby for him than a business. I don't know.

    The only good thing I will say for this shop though, is at least they've never had any problems carrying "assault" type guns, as some of the other small shops in this area do.
  3. Blov

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    Pretty accurate review. I've found this shop to have good prices on some things and be totally outrageous on others.
  4. Spartacus

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    I found this site when doing some legal research and noticed the reference. A lot of people have had to learn the hard way to steer clear of that shop, or at the very least be VERY careful around the crowd that he has had working there. A lot of issues came up locally, not the least of which surrounding people putting money down on "special orders" and then not seeing the merchandise for months, all the time other dealers in the state don't seem to have a problem getting the same products. To put that in perspective, the previous gun shop owners in the same location would tell customers that certain items were not even available when in fact they were (hence the brisk special order business done at the nearby surplus store).

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