Hodgdon H857 and H870 Powders, many trades

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    I have many pounds of Hodgdon H857 and H870 for trade. It is not pulldown. Original packaging from Hodgdon.

    I have loaded everything from 6.5 (.264"), 7x57, 30.06, 8x56, and a few of the .300 Mags with this.
    The manuals recommend it for heavier bullets, as it is a slow burning powder. If you use it on light projectiles you'll end up with low velocities and unburned powder. I have used it as light as 140gr in 6.5mm (.264")
    If your manual doesn't have data for it, it can be found in Hornady Vol. II, and Speer #11 at least.

    H870 can be subbed for AA8700 and WC860. Apparently WC872 and US869 are very close also- I haven't used those so can't verify. Do your own checks to be sure.

    What I am looking for:

    Lead (No zinc or calcium cont. please)
    Bullet Molds for casting (for 38/357, 30 cal, .44 (.429), .45, .284, .243, .270
    Ingot mold
    Primers, especially SPP
    Pistol Powders (Bullseye, Red Dot, Unique)
    Rifle Powders (SR4759, 4831, 4831, 4350, 4064, 4895, 3031)
    A Glock (especially a 17)

    I could be in the market for a larger lead pot than I have (it's a 10 pound pot.)
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