HK USP Tactical 45 ACP

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    I am selling my HK USP tactical chambered in 45 acp. It comes with three factory hk 12rd magazines and has the standard black sights with the original box and factory hk gun lock. It is in awesome shape, Im just selling it cause I want to get into more precision bolt gun shooting. I have been asked before if it has the jet funnel and the answer is no cause the jet funnel only works on the 40/9mm NOT the 45. It sits in my safe and I don't shoot it much at all so in light of this I am asking 1000 obo. Email or feel free to call me. 503-799-1218

    only trade I'll consider is a remington 700 aac-sd or maybe another rem 700 chambered in .308
    FTF with CHL
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