WTS WA HK USP .45 Tactical with extras

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    Guys, selling my USP .45 Tactical. Just sits in the safe and there are other things I would rather use the $$ for. I have a number of extras with it. I'd rather not part out the entire package.

    • HK USP Tactical in .45ACP variant 1 SA/DA decocker BC date code (2012 manufacture)
    • (3) genuine HK 12 round extended floor plate magazines
    • Blade Tech OWB kydex w/ TLR-1 option
    • Custom (NW Tactical) double mag holder kydex tan
    • GG&G adapter rail
    • HK genuine thread protector
    • All manuals, tools and spent cartridge (manual has all recorded rounds fired which is 1000 EXACTLY)
    • HK genuine extended magazine release paddle installed (original comes with gun)
    • 50 rounds of 230 grain defensive ammo
    • 500 rounds of 230 grain FMJ


    Will consider a partial trade for your S&W wheel guns plus cash on your end unless its a pre lock no dash model 29 with box and is flawless.

    I can't seem to post pictures here due to the ridiculous size constraints and limits so feel free to see the same add on SGN.net or PM me for multiple large detailed images. Rather than post a tiny thumbnail pic of what you already know the gun looks like just PM me.

    I've tried to re size about 15 times and once I get the image down enough the picture is too small. so I am not going to bother with it anymore.

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