WTS/WTT OR HK USP 45 stainless

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  1. WinterBaer45

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    image.jpg heckler & koch USP 45 stainless steel slide. Made around 1995, in great shape. Original box and 5 German 12rn magazines.
    located in Oregon City/milwaukie area not looking to travel or ship unfortunately.

    I am looking to sell or trade

    Sell price with 5 magazines $900

    I would be interested in discussing these possible Trade options and seeing how to make the deal right for both of us.

    - Noveske Rifle in 5.56

    - Noveske complete upper in 5.56

    - I would be interested in other HK pistols, P30, HK45, USP, p2000

    - AR15 lowers or complete uppers

    - not sure what else let me know what you think.

    Thanks for looking, and remember to call your politicians and urge their support for our right to personal protection, because without a firearm we are resorted to savagery, defending ourselves like cavemen with clubs and sharp objects.

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    Pm sent
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