WTS WA HK P30L 9mm

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    Will now include CompTac OWB belt holster (straight drop) and CompTac double mag pouch.

    This gun has the V1 Lite LEM trigger system. The LEM trigger is a DAO trigger in which the hammer spring is partially pre-cocked as a result of slide movement. The result is around a 5 pound trigger I would guess but have not ever measured it. I'm sure a little google work will result in a far better description than I can give.

    It has a DA second strike capability. In this mode, since the hammer has already been released, the trigger pull is heavier but still fairly smooth.

    This was the gun I used for my initial foray into IDPA. I'm guessing about 5000 rounds through it. For the last year or so it has been relegated to nightstand duty.

    Davidson's and Grab'a'gun have these from around $900 up to around $1000.

    Asking $675. Comes with 3 mags.

    FTF in Seattle area.

    p30l_1.jpg p30l_2.jpg


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