WTS WA HK Mark 23 w/ maritime original finish & HK/Eagle camo case + Crane holster

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    I have a mint HK Mark 23 with with the original maritime finish just like the SOCOM ones. These are difficult to locate and make a great addition to any HK collection. It comes in the original camo case made by Eagle Industries that aren't made anymore and they themselves easily fetch $200+ online. It comes with (2) 10 round magazines as that was what it shipped with when new. I DO have (5) additional 12 round magazines brand new unopened that the buyer will have first dibs at but aren't included. Lastly, I have a brand new London Bridge Tactical thigh holster specifically made for the Mk 23 with can and LAM. These aren't made anymore and also fetch $300+ easily online. It is black and right hand and WILL be included.


    The ONLY trades I will consider will be the following:

    - Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 ebr-2c

    - Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6 (plus $1200)

    - SCAR 16s FDE (I'll add all of the magazines)

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