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    Need to sell one of my favorite guns...full size USP in .45 ACP, 2 mags 1-10 1-12. Only issue I've ever had with the gun had to do with the hi-cap mag, it became separated at the top and allowed a round to feed vertically into the chamber (stovepipe failure). I sent it back to HK, they replaced it for free, which I thought was great! Except the new one did the same thing...grrrr. So I took it to a buddy of mine who's a professional welder and had him TIG it for me. You can see the stitch in the 4th pic. No issues since then.

    Very nice gun, love it, but it needs to go to a new home.

    $725 obo Not looking for any trades at this time. Must have Orygun DL, or if you want to pay the fees, we can do the FFL thing...

    email [email-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-[/email]

    And my apologies in advance, I do not sit at my computer all day and I'm just not smart enough to have a Smart phone, so I do not always answer my email immediately...

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