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High Standard Sentinel MkII questions

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mrknot, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. mrknot

    mrknot Portland, OR New Member

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    A buddy of mine passed away a few months ago and his wife has put me in charge of selling off his guns.
    She found an old revolver in the bottom of a shoe box the other day and handed it over to me.
    It is a High Standard Sentinel MkII in .357 w/ a 6"bbl and fixed sights.
    Other than the fact that it was made by Dan Wesson in the mid-'70's, and marketed by HS, I can find out very little about it's value or collectibility.
    It is in reasonably good condition, a couple of small rust spots, and the general lack of polish and lubrication that one might expect in a handgun that hasn't been handled in 20 or so years...nothing that a little TLC can't fix.
    Any thoughts?


  2. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    I have a thought. Take better pics so we can see it better, cause that looks like a nice gun.
    I would get it as pristine as possible. i assume she "gave it to you" if she did, after cleaning and several hundred rounds of testing offer it back to her.
    I would happy to have a DW. Most of them are good guns.
  3. gearchecker

    gearchecker Kootenai County, Idaho Member

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    There was one listed recently on gunsamerica.com in really good condition.
    It sold for $400. Because of the condition, the one you're asking about is probably in the neighborhood of $250-$300
    You should go to a sporting goods store or to the auto dept in Walmart and buy a tube of Flitz buffing paste. Go over the gun gently and most, or possibly all of the rust spots should go away. Flitz can be used to polish a blued finish gun without wrecking it. Use a cotton ball or a well worn old cotton tee-shirt to buff with.

    Remember, go slow, be gentle and deliberate, and it should clean and polish up very nicely. Then that $8 tube of Flitz will add another $50-75 to the value of the revolver.