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High Mountain Hunting Supply

Hey all this is my experience dealing with High Mountain Hunting Supply.

I have arranged a friend of mine to buy a pistol form one of the members on this forum, everything was said and done to the fullest on each individuals part in a timely professional manner. The weapon was dropped off to these HMHS on a monday and my friend and I waited three business days to receive the weapon.... nothing showed. At the end of that third business day I looked up the PM from the seller with the name of these guys as the company that shipped the weapon and asked him to follow up on his end. I called HMHS that afternoon and was told by the individual that they did not know why the weapon had not shipped yet, and that he would leave a message for the lady in charge of shipping to give me a call back.... so the following morning I had to call them... I got some guy (he didn't say a name) and I asked for the transfer/shipping dept. He ask what it was about and I told him that I wanted to know 1) where the firearm was 2) why the firearm had not been shipped 3) what the hold up was..... needless to say I received a steady stream of excuses as to how they could not find the FFL info that they were shipping to... he then admitted that the paperwork had/was in the pistol box and then proceeded to accuse me of questioning their intelligence for asking him why it took three full business days and a phone call from me for them to figure that out. He told me that they did indeed have the phone number of the member that had dropped the weapon off and to his knowledge they had not contacted the seller to clarify anything. I asked him why they had taken no steps to get anything done and he then said that shipping was not his dept and that I would get the same STORY from their shipping dept. At that point I asked to speak to a manager and the guy HUNG UP on me!



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