High End Home Theatre system (Onkyo, Definitive Tech)

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    We recently moved and I no longer have the space for a dedicated home theater. I though I would put it up here for trade since I would most likely buy something firearms related anyways.

    What is have is the following

    Onyko TX-DS787 THX certified DTS/Dolby Digital 6.1 receiver surround processor.

    All speakers are by Definitive technologies and are matched for seamless sound and vocals

    Main speakers are BP6's each speaker has two 5.25" woofers and two 1" tweeters

    Rear Surround are BPX1's each speaker has two 4.25" woofers and two 1" tweeters

    Center Channel is a C-1 with 2 5.25" woofers and one 1" tweeter

    Subwoofer is a PF15TL+ with a single 15" woofer and integrated 500 watt high current amplifier.

    Fair used market value on this system IMO is $1100 to $1200

    Would be interested in trading for handguns an AR in .308 or ??

    Pm me if interested for additional specifications and pictures.
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