High Court clears way for a ton of strip searches

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by JimmyS1985, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Supreme Court OKs Strip Searches Without Suspicion For New Jail Inmates

    The "small government" conservatives on the court are going to allow government officials to strip search anyone, without suspicion, who is detained by police. Apparently jailhouse security trumps individual liberties even if there is no suspicion what so ever that you are a threat or have been charged for something as a criminal.

    Of course the justices did invoke 9/11, as if a strip search due to a speeding ticket on 9/9/2001 by one of the terrorists would have stopped the 19 hi-jackers.

    In the case, the man who was detained and strip searched without any suspicion that he had any contraband, was arrested over an unpaid fine, which he had infact paid in full. He was strip searched 2x while in police custody.

    Guess I better get in shape incase I am forced to strip naked in front of a police officer.

    Will the high court ever make a decision that doesn't make the police forever more powerful in society? You know a lot of people don't trust the police, I don't think allowing them to strip search you, without any suspicion, over unpaid parking tickets is a good way to increase that trust.

    I think it was Ben Franklin who said "Those that sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither"
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    That's not possible. We know for a fact that the only thing that threatens America is Obama appointing more liberal judges.

  3. wichaka

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    Re-Read the article, it does not say anything about Police strip searching anyone who is being detained. It talks about being strip searched in a jail facility only.

    The decision to strip search is a jail facility decision, not a decision of an individual officer.

    Even the title of the article states 'Jail Inmates'

    Please do not post facts that are clearly not true.

    We've had enough inflammatory garb with the Trayvon debacle.
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