High Capacity Ammo Magazine Clips For AR-15 10/22 Glock

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    I got a whole bunch of them things they can't shut up on the news about... now you can have some today!(or as fast as USPS Flat rate gets there)

    The price is what it is, please don't buy if you don't want to pay the listed price. I have had these awhile and it wont hurt me any to have them any longer. I may end up kicking myself for selling these so cheap depending on how our future unfolds...

    I will ship any item or number of items USPS for $5 to anywhere in the US it is legal. Paypal gift required.

    FTF meets between Fife and Seatac

    13 Used 30 Round AR Mags Work 100% No name GP199 10/05
    $220 for all 13 or $20 each

    Brand New 20 Round Brownells AR Mags Steel Spring
    $100 for 4 or $30 each

    1 new Butler Creek 10/22 25 Round Mag Plastic Feed Lips
    used mags have been Sold
    1 New for $30

    Glock 29 Mags OEM Brand New 10 Round Non-Evil Capacity
    5 for $150 or $30 each
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