Hi returning member With a Christmas challenge.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by one, Dec 22, 2012.

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    I have been on NWFA and lost my passwords to my online accounts.

    Oh well the world ended and only thing I lost was just some positive feedback. Lucky.

    So nice to be back and cant wait to get back to trading. I dont believe in trading to screw others over. And that a trade can be subjective. I have over bid in certain trades so the other person would make extra off it. I got what I wanted.

    My first post is some items I found while doing community service. Yes I do it all the time. Its very rewarding being able to help others even if you dont personally gain anything in financial means. And if you must know it was benefitting Veterans.

    Now in this day and age going out of your way to help someone else is a rare act. I kinda lucked out in finding these. Where they were found is some place that they shouldnt be (public).

    Now I could benefit from this. I could sell them for retail and pocket it.

    But I am not. Its up for trade and for things that I am getting for others to have a christmas.

    Rare as it is these days?... No it shouldnt this is christmas!

    I challenge you all to at least take a second or minute to think of someone else. Trade for a present they will love and enjoy. No matter if a Vet, homeless person, Elder, or child.

    I hope that responding posts will include a call to arms from NWFA members that have done something for others this holidays.

    We have had a rough year. How about some positive news?

    PS Yeah the buying panic is silly. They arnt going to ban the AR.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are often great deals in the classifieds, just not many this week due to the current events.

    Lots of great conversations and experts in every facet of gun ownership.

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