hi northwest firearms, i'm new and my membership name is agate.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by agate, Sep 24, 2013.

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    to my new friends in the northwest firearms community, this is the first time I've gotten involved in a type of forum or "blog", if i'm using the correct terminology. i'm not too savy when it comes to computers, their functions, computer language,etc. the same goes for firearms as well. I've shot off and on all my life, hunted, fished,etc., but in recent years have taken a much stronger interest in learning more about different firearms, ballistics, history and so on. like most things, every time I learn something new, it opens the doors to me for more questions and I find this extremely interesting and educational. I have lived in eastern Montana all my life and have never had any desire to live any where else. my wife and I have taken a few trips in and out of the u.s. and have enjoyed other beautiful areas, but it is always nice to be back home. for any of you "rockhounds", eastern Montana is well known for its beautiful Montana moss agates. you either really appreciate the incredible colors,designs and uniqueness of these special agates, or, as my brother says, "just another rock to me". anyway,i'm looking foreward to being a part of the NWFC and those who cherish our firearms and helping defend our 2nd amendment. your new member...agate.
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    Welcome to NWF, agate!
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    Welcome agate - We have a verity of agates that wash up on our Oregon beaches and there are quite a number of rock hounds throughout this state as well.
    Over the decades, I have driven boarder to boarder through Montana in my pickup truck and on my Harleys, many numbers of ways. I love the Hi Line during the summer months especially when there is time to kill. I like the Bear Paws and the Sweetgrass Hills - The Going to the Sun Road and the Bear Tooth range, Big Timber, Livingston, and Red Lodge, the back roads and the hi-way. It is all Great Country and I hold that state close to my heart and have always wished to live there, to bad I am so allergic to snow.
    From time to time, you will get to know some good people around here. I hope you enjoy
    North West Firearms as much as I do.
    Silver Hand

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