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Hi from rainy Whatcom County WA!

Glad to find a local forum for firearms. I've never hunted or shot a shotgun, and a deer rifle only a handful of times growing up although I went elk and deer hunting with my dad when I was a kid.

Local events have gotten us thinking of picking up some firearms, which has rekindled an interest in hunting. My 15 and 19 year old boys are very interested also.

I've picked up a Model 70 Wingmaster 12g at a local pawn shop. After a lot of reading and discussions on hunting rifles (mostly deer, maybe elk) I thought a 270 cal would make the most sense for us....... at a local gun show we found and purchased a Wichester Model 70 270 with a BOSS. Didn't know much about the BOSS; I now know they aren't made any more with Winchester rifles, and mostly folks think they aren't worth the bother. But that's what we purchased.

I'm thinking about picking up rifles for both of my boys for Christmas, and I am very interested in self-loading.

A couple of questions: Would there be many disadvantages at looking at other calibers for my boys? If I self load I can see an advantage to sticking to 270s for everyone. I'm also toying with the idea of having at least one 270 WSM in the group of three rifles. I know the 270 shoots very flat, but I don't really understand why that's much of a deal...... at 300 yards isn't a 30.06 within an inch of drop, and isn't the wider range of loads an over-riding advantage? Is is true that I could use the same cartridge for a 270 or 30.06 if I self load?

We are enjoying our new rifle at the local range which we've joined.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Mpstan, welcome to the forum !
Your .270 is a good choice and should work well for you. The .270 & .30-06 brass are identical except for neck diameter. The .270 bullet is smaller; .277 in diameter vs .308 in diameter. It takes a special die to "neck down" the .30-06 brass so a .270 bullet will fit properly (may want to save this process until you're more acquainted with reloading). Reloading will save you a few bucks and enable you to "tailor" the load to the rifle. Then, your BOSS will allow further tuning. Enjoy !
The more I read the more I'm unsure of my caliber selections.

I bought another 270 at a gun show this weekend and about 600 rounds of 130 and 100 grain ammo at $10 a box. My friend cleaned it up and checked it out: he says it is probably 70s vintage very seldom shot model 700 Remington 270. He scared me when I brought the gun home..... he told me an old trick is to fire a rifle several times to hide barrel rust then sell it at one of these shows....... instead he found a very sweet rifle.

I'm reading a lot about other calibers and am thinking I wished I would have spread out my calibers instead of planning on just 3 270s. Tonight I've read several posts that make me wish I'd consider a smaller caliber..... For instance a 7mm.08 or even a 25.06 or 243. Lots of stuff to consider!

This last rifle will be for my 15 year old son who is tall/lanky; also my wife may shoot it as well.

All 3 of these rifles will probably be used 80% + shooting range, <20% hunting.

Thanks again.
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