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    Hi everyone. Let me start off with how I came to learn about the forum. I received a box of various ammunition and magazines from a friend and he commissioned me to sell it and while going around town to the local gun stores, a guy working at a sporting goods store told me I could come on here to post a sell ad, or at least become part of the community.

    I have a fascination with firearms in general, but modern and tactical weapons intrigue me the most. Handguns in particular intrigue me, especially the various wondernines and their various incarnations. My favorite currently that I've had the pleasure of handling, owning and shooting is the Hi-Power, mine being a Browning import made in 1973.

    I frequent respective gun boards for the guns I own, namely BerettaForum and Hi-Power forum, and I hope my experience on here is as enjoyable as it is on there, which it is, with all I learn and the enjoyable content I come across with the other posters.

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