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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by BigBoy503, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Looking for a desert eagle in .50ae either silver or gold and made in israel. If you have one you want to sell please pm me. Have cash in hand.
    Thanks and hello all members.
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    I have a couple PM me to chat. But first of all gold....? You rollin with Sadam? I went with Titanium instead of 24K and a chrome one, well since silver wasn't available and 24k already seemed gaudy enough :winkkiss: Seriously though why do you want one? Most over-rated, though awesome, pistols ever! Those were my first big gun purchases when I was younger. Though they look awesome they are a bit** to actually use. And when you find ammo they want your 1st born or right arm seems like! Let alone to comfortably carry one is well an oxy moron. If you must or feel the need to compensate for something and have to have one I'd say stick to the matte nickel type finishes not the polished chrome! I was a bigger is better type then and had to own every caliber of D.E. (except .41 and .440 Cor-bon) Got a black .357, a brushed (looks stainless) and black 2 tone .44 and a bright shiny .50ae when it first came out. Then had to have the gold one thinking I might run into James Bond I guess. In the end never use them and in a fight much rather use my Kahr carry piece. Well they do come in handy for pistol whipping but thats all. You gotta be a big boy to keep on target with those accurately! I'd say look at the .357 or even .44. My .50s are to show off but I shoot my .357. .44 I never use and there are way better wheel guns in that caliber but anyways the .357 has all the same looks just way easier on the shooters hands, wallet, etc... Plus holds a couple more then the .50 and they will be just as dead with the .357 just maybe not with an appendage missing. :s0114: So heed my warning and do your homework and if you still decide you must have one I will make sure my PM box isn't full. I have no problem taking a willing suckers hard earned cash but only once I've warned them they are a sucker. :winkkiss: All jokes aside get ahold of me but PLEASE first research, ask others on this site, do your homework then see if you wanna drop that kinda coin on a 3 pound Hebrew piece as seeing youre a first poster I cringe at your wanting a D.E.! If youre a veteran I appologize for my assumptions as Im just looking out for a fellow shooter and board member. And this is coming from a Desert Eagle fan as well as potential seller. There I feel I did my good deed for the day. :rolleyes: Sorry for the rant!!

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