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I have been looking into reloading and don't have $700-$1200 to get into a Honady LNL or A dillion 550b.
I was looking at the Lee Load Master and price shopping around. Look to load .223 and 9mm. I got this email from a shop owner.
Tell me what you think and have you used one of these loaders.

" The Loadmaster is terrible. go to loadmastervideos.com and see if you really think you can put up with all the hassle. They are very problematic at best. I know it sounds awful, but if you decide to buy one, please buy it elsewhere. I know you will send it back and that ends up costing us money."
Lee Loadmasters are not just terrible, they can also be dangerous. I have 6 stitches in the back of my left hand from one that decided set off all the primers in the tray at one time. Started at the bottom of the column and went up in less than the blink of an eye.
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