Henry .22 sighting problems

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by bogeycentral, Mar 16, 2010.

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    First off this looks like a great forum and was referred to it by a friend. Been browsing the BST section and looks there is some good information here. I have always wanted an older lever action .22 and came across a good deal on an old Henry. Put a Simmons 22-Mag 3-9x32 rimfire scope on it and took it out to go sight it on. I got it sighted for left and right deviance, but noticed that elevation was severely off. At 20 yards with the elevation turned up as high as it can go I am nearly shooting 6 inches low of my target. I am using the rings that came with the scope at the moment. What would cause this to be shooting so low? A friend and member here mentioned to go with some 20MOA scope rings. I have no clue what this means though. Any help would be much appreciated !!

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    If the bases of the rings are the same size (thickness between the bottom of the base to the bottom of the ring opening) and you are mounting it on a tapered barrel, then the scope will not be parallel to the bore of the barrel.

    If they are not the same size, and you are mounting it on a flat receiver, then again the scope will not be parallel to the bore of the rifle.

    When I had a similar issue with a used rifle years ago, I simply got another scope ring base that matched what I needed. You could also attempt to shim the smaller one, if that is what you need.

    It kinda depends on the rings, and where you are mounting them on the rifle.

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