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    I hope I am in the right place here i CAN't figure out how to post an add in firearms could use some help. Thanks
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    Okay, here you go:

    First off, read the rules:
    Northwest Firearms Community - Forum Rules

    1. Go to the appropriate forum category. But don't click on the search links below them (like Oregon Handgun Search), go to the actual category - Handgun Classifieds (as just an example).
    2. Click on the Gray button that is near the top which has the caption of "Post New Thread."
    3. Fill in the subject, select the type from the PREFIX drop down (like WTS OR or WTS/WTT WA) depending on what you want to do and which state you are in and what it is you are selling.
    4. Put in your information about what it is you are selling in the body area (just below the formatting toolbar that is there on the page).
    5. To post pics, you can upload pics to a photo sharing site like photobucket and then get the link to the pic and then in your post just type IMG inside of square brackets [ ] and then the link and then /IMG inside square brackets [ ].

    And that's about it. You can only bump your thread once every 7 days and nobody else can post in your ad thread, they will need to PM you so make sure to keep your PM box clear (and remember SENT EMAILS in the SENT EMAILS folder also count against your quota).
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    Be sure and set up your members account for email options and such, so you will be sure and recieve all responses.

    just say'n

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