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Hi all, I'm hoping for some input from anyone in the cowboy action/equine shooting community, as I have no idea about this sport.

I have a 12 year old niece who has gotten herself a horse, and a couple of single action revolvers that she is shooting balloons in competition, and moving up in her shooting.. Apparently, she is loving it!

I am thinking that a rimfire carbine and scabbard might make a nice Xmas gift but I don't know where to start. I was thinking of a Henry's. 22 (other ideas welcome) but would like some input. In addition, what about a scabbard? I am thinking something she could use in competition.

The rifle and the scabbard needs to not only work well, but look the part as well. Any recommendations for a rifle and leatherworker would greatly appreciated.

I have not had much to do with my niece in the last few years (although she helped me make my first batch of .308 reloads for my AR10) and would love to put something special for her.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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In Cowboy Mounted Shooting Lever actions are almost never used. They are used in shooting from a cart or wagon. but that is rare. The standard gun used in CMS is a Ruger with the hammer spur turned down for ease in shooting and cocking one handed.
Proper leather is a big deal in CMS. The holsters are made with a wide opening and are deep to keep a gun from coming out! And some riders use a saddle mounted dump holster to dump the empty gun in before drawing the second pistol.

There are lots of others but this will get you started in the right direction! DR
For better advise try to find out who her coach is and maybe get some ideas from them! DR
These things tend to be fairly personal and folks tend to be pretty specific about their taste and what they want.

My first idea is invite her to go shopping and pick something out together. It's not quite the surprise of opening a gift, but you do get bonding time together and, hopefully, a nice memory as well...which I think is always nice.

If that isn't possible, have you spoken to her parents as they might have a much better idea of what she needs/wants, than any of us have.

Third option is a gift certificate of some sort so she can pick out what she wants.

My fourth idea is my goto for pretty much everyone...get her a really NICE flashlight. And I realize that isn't directly related to CMS...which is why it's my fourth idea...but if she's got a horse she is likely doing things in the darker hours, and having a really good light is almost always appreciated.
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