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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by BattleReadyBunny, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Hello everyone!

    I need some help! Ok, so here's the scoop. I'm assembling a ar15 for my girlfriend. She loves shooting mine, its a 18in intermittent length odin works 3 gun SS .223wylde barrel with a free float barrel, Geissele SSA trigger etc. We usually go to a range that has targets out to 800yds. And she can hit the 800 fairly well, not Navy Seal Delta Force Ranger but she can hit the 12in target 3/5 times using my rifle. Hopefully better when I finish this rifle for her.

    Our Anniversary was October 28th, which I assembled her a Lower, Anderson Lower w/ basic LPK. Geissele SSA Trigger, Magpul Miad grip, Magpul enhanced trigger guard, Magpul CTR and Noveske QD end plate.

    Her Birthday is coming up (November 21st) and I am currently working on her upper. Time is running out and I have no decided between 2 barrels. I want her to have the range and accuracy of my 18in Odin Works barrel but I also want her to have a lighter and shorter barrel, which is why I was looking at the Odin Works 223Wylde 16.1in Midlength barrel.

    Odin Works 18in 223wylde Intermittent Length 3-Gun SS Barrel 1/8twist

    Odin Works 16.1in 223wylde Midlength SS Barrel 1/8twist

    We will be shooting at up to 800yd a lot of the times. Using 77grain match grade ammo. The reason I was looking into the shorter and slightly lighter barrel is, I do not want the 18in to drag her down when I take her to a rifle class/course.

    What will the range and accuracy difference be between the 16.1 and the 18in Odin Barrels?
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    Are you sure that this 16 inch barrel really has a lighter contour? The weight difference here between the two barrels is very minimal. I suspect that their barrel contours are very similar.
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    Accuracy shouldn't be impacted. Range- will lose some but not sure how much.
    Just as an aside have you looked at WOA barrels?
  4. rick benjamin

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    I noticed Odin is out-of-stock for all rifle barrels.
    Brownells has Wylde chambered barrels
    16" Mid-Length Carbine Barrel
    Mfr Part: 516840
    is the one I would choose.
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    The accuracy should be the same out of a 18" VS 16", you will just loose a wee bit of velocity. I am not sure how much but I doubt its more than 150-200 FPS.

    I dont think you could go wrong with either of the Odinworks barrels, And by the way if Odinworks does not have them check with Rainier Arms, I think a lot of times back orders get filled for them before they have inventory on their page.
  6. ron

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    I second the White Oak barrel. I have two of them a 20 inch service rifle barrel and
    the 26 inch match barrel. I know other competition shooters that I shoot with
    use these barrels are very highly regarded. Only problem is they take several
    months to receive. One of the most highly regarded barrels among High Power Shooters are from Krieger. An excellent barrel but very exspensive.
    For the money it is hard to beat the White Oak.

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