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HELP! Stolen guns

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by gophishhhh, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. gophishhhh

    gophishhhh milwaukie Active Member

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    Hello all,
    I had a family member break in last week and steal two guns from me. Report has been filed, but i figured the more eyes the better.
    first is a browning over/under shotgun. Special Sporting Clays Edition (this is in gold, on the sides of the receiver). 30" barrels, ventilated rib, invector plus choke tubes, in factory brown fitted case. Case has a tube of Tetra lube, extra choke tubes, gold and black tube wrench and a couple snap caps in it. Kickeze recoil pad, recoil pad adjuster and murcury installed in buttstock.

    Second is a highly customized Ruger 10/22.
    Black synthetic butler creek stock, checkered with palm swells. 17", .920 diameter, semi-polished, fluted (six flutes), aluminum sleeved barrel. Recessed target crown and match chamber.
    Jeweled bolt, spiral pattern cut into the aluminum bolt handle and magazine release. Semi-polished receiver and trigger group. Over travel set screw in trigger shoe as well as an extra hole for the adjustable sear. Aluminum bedding block in the forend of the stock has staggered, stepped lightling holes drill throughout the length. Crosman centerpoint 3-9x32 black scope with adjustable objective and mill-dot recticle. Many other mods on the inside of the gun that i wont even go into.
    Any help with retreiving these firearms would be greatly appreciated.
    These were stolen by my brother in law (he already admitted to it, just havnt caught him yet), Tom J#$%^, i am sure it was to feed his habit.

  2. billdeserthills

    billdeserthills Cave Creek, Arizony Well-Known Member

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    I really think you'll need to post the serial #'s. I'm a gun dealer & although I am sure these will never make it to Arizona I would hate to turn down a trade just because maybe the gun I am looking at was yours. Serial Number provides real legitimacy
  3. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    Yes, serial #'s are the only way to go because I'm sure there are there's quite a few other guns that would bear a resemblance to the ones you mentioned. I'm sure a firearm of almost every description has been stolen at some time. Even customized ones usually aren't like snowflakes. I cringe when I try to think of how many heavily customized 10/22's are out there. Then I think of how many 10/22's are out there.
  4. pioneer461

    pioneer461 Columbia County, Oregon Active Member

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    Check local pawn shops. Did you have them in a safe?
  5. Fishnutz

    Fishnutz Hillsboro Member

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    A family member did this? Im so sorry to hear that.

    Maybe posting the thieves hometown can help put a pin point on our search.
    I will let you know if i come across anything similar.
  6. You could also post a picture of the person who you believe stole them. In case someone does go to buy your firearm, they will know to call the police instead of giving them money.
  7. gophishhhh

    gophishhhh milwaukie Active Member

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    One has been returned and the other has been found.
    Thanks all
  8. Good news.
  9. Eland90

    Eland90 Nuremberg, Germany New Member

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    Hi @ all.
    I am certainly glad the firearms have been recovered. Living in Germany as long as I have, has made me become quite german. I have an up-to-date list of all my arms complete with all details including SN and manufacturers markings.
    In addition I have a similar list on my PC with many photos showing all details, especially markings. This is not only for the police in event of theft, but for the insurance, my fellow club members, shooting federations and colleagues (I am a gunmaker).
    In the old days in South Africa...? I could tell you that I had so-and-so-many Enfields but no more, despite the fact that I had licences for them.
    I would have had to rely on the police computer in event of theft.
    Just struck me the other day how thorough (like my german environment) I have become. I think a little prep can make things a lot easier for the authorities, especially in the first 48h of the crime. My ha´pennies worth.
  10. MA Duce

    MA Duce Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Excellent points all. I have similar information with my insurance agent..and on a flash drive in my safety deposit box.