!!HELP!! R.Famage 1957 Mauser Info

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    I just recently acquired a R.Famage 1957 Mauser with a aftermarket bull barrel from a friend of mine. but i am having a hard time finding info on it. All i know is that it is chambered in .30-06, it has a bull barrel with unkown twist rate and unkown brand:paranoid:, and it has a woodstock that i am not to crazy about.

    My friend isnt to gun savy and had picked up the rifle from a gun show. He came into some hard times and figured he did not need two .30-06 so he sold be this one.
    So I was hoping that someone here on the forum could help me out we a web page or with there own experience and knowledge.
    This is my first bolt action rifle but i do have rifle experience just not with bolt guns.
    so any help is appericated.

    casey :thumbup:

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