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Hi All...

I have Google searched a bunch of sites, including the Colt site, but can not find a 9mm magazine for my new 1911 Colt Defender!

The 1911 Colt magazines I've found are for the 9mm Commander or are 45.

The 2 'stock' ones, that came with the gun, both have a 8 round capacity, which is fine.

Anyone know where I can buy one more?

Looks like they will work. I'll know for sure in a week or so.

Don't understand why none are available under the Colt name?? The 2 I have are both labeled Colt????

Thanks again!

Don't know why either. I once had an STI compact 9mm, and couldn't get mags from STI, so I found that these Springfields worked. Hopefully they work for the Colt too. They should.

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