Help Bear Hunting in the Dixon Unit

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by jdogg, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Hey All, I got a little question for you. I was considering trying to get a bear that has been terrorizing my in-laws farm this summer. I got a tag and was going to give it a shot over thanksgiving weekend. Any pointers? If, and that is a big if, I get one what the **** do I do with it. I can buck up an Elk or Deer okay but havent tried a bear yet. Planning on some great jerky :laugh:! Give me some ideas people! They already got one that charged them while we where deer hunting but the damage and sightings kept going. Too much developement around them is forcing them on the farm. They got about 600 acres around winchester. Give me some help!! Thanks all, jody
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    well fall bear is awesome to eat! they make great bbq roasts and so on.people complain about it being greasy, but on an open flame it is to die for. as for getting this bear.hmmm... i hear tell bears like little debbies,syrup,meat,etc..:D
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    Hunt over food sources. Get up high if possible and watch the wind.
    Shoot them thru both shoulders, it'll drop them in their tracks.
    Bear is EXCELLENT eating, and if you have a extra grand laying around you too can have a bear rug for your den.

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