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    Helping an Army vet in need. Please read their story and a great opportunity to own a Rifle Dynamics AK 47 Package worth over $2000.00!!

    Rifle Dynamics AK 47 Raffle Specs.

    Gun Romanian WASR 10 7.63x39

    Rifle Dynamics Upgrade
    • Sandblast and Parkerizing all metal
    • Krebs retainer plate
    • G-2 fitting
    • Fix canted sights/ gas blocks
    • Fit Safety, Bolt/bolt carrier, Magazine catch.
    • Dehorn areas where operator touches
    • Pin gas piston (Replace with U.S. gas piston)
    • Test/ correct headspace
    • Fuller rear sight mod
    • P.W.S FSC-47 flash hider
    • Bolton Gas Block
    • Cut, crown, rethread and silver solder barrel
    • Pinned Flashed hider 16 inch overall length of barrel
    • US Palm AK Tri-Rail handguard
    • US Palm Battle Grip
    • K-Var Polymer Buttstock
    • 2 Tone Norrells Gray and Black Moly Resin finish
    • Test fire and zero

    • 8-US Palm 30 Round Magazines
    • 1-AK Attack Rack Chest Rig
    • 2-2-cell AK MOLLE shingles
    • 1-Magna-Matic AK-FST Gun Smith Edition
    * 1-E.D.G.E single point sling
    * 1 Case of AMMO
    * DVD Combo Set Gabe Suarez and Sonny P. (3 DVDS)
    * Dale Fricke Eleazar Holster or what ever Holster Mag Pouch set up for what ever gun you have

    Special thanks to contributors in this project.

    Rifle Dynamics – WWW.RIFLEDYNAMICS.COM








    (More Detailed Pictures Will be posted shortly). Pictures do not do this gun justice!!

    Introducing the Graham’s

    Cory Graham and Stephanie Jewel are high school sweet hearts married at the fruitful age of 19 only to be quickly separated due to Cory’s enlistment in the navy as many young men do in Las Vegas after high school in 2005. To make separation even more difficult, Stephanie found herself with child before his leave not knowing that their son, beautiful baby Cameron, would only meet his father for but a total of 6 months while diligently Cory served our country for 5 years. Cory continued on enlisted in the army becoming a colorfully decorated soldier through his heroic works(refer to article). Honorably discharged from the army May of 2010 and Cameron now at the age of 4, the Graham’s united in hopes of strengthening the loving marriage and family broken apart by the struggles of military life only to face a series of even harsher misfortunes of serious illnesses and financial struggles.

    Scan 6 by NewLifeRevival, on Flickr

    At the youthful age of 24, Cory has been recently diagnosed with stage 3 Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or in soft tissue. The most common areas in which it occurs are the pelvis, the femur, the humorous, the ribs and clavicle. He has also been co-diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that impairs motor skills, cognitive processes, and other functions. Unable to work due to the severity of his physical condition, the weight of financial struggles are heavily upon this families shoulders as they try to make by daily on one low income. Cory has been given 12-15 months to live by doctors.

    Scan 5 by NewLifeRevival, on Flickr

    Stephanie’s strength during these times is remarkable and she exemplifies true selflessness as she tends to her family and communities needs. Having recently almost losing her brother to drugs and suicide, she continues to be the glue keeping this family together by the works of her faith fighting with all her strength to be positive.

    Scan 3 by NewLifeRevival, on Flickr

    Due to constant visits to the hospital and Corey not being able to work, the Graham’s currently do not generate enough income to pay the bills and very soon are facing eviction from their home. Amazingly the Grahams keep a strong positive mindset that their family will be taken care of and that from these misfortunes they will indeed persevere.

    Scan 7 by NewLifeRevival, on Flickr

    This is a great opportunity to not only win a fantastic AK47 package, but also do something for a family who has fought for our country and now are fighting for their lives.

    Here are some of places Cory was stationed:

    -Chicago, IL
    -Golf Port, MI
    -Las Vegas, NV
    -Also did Humanitarian work for Katrina victims.

    Scan 4 by NewLifeRevival, on Flickr

    -Fort Sill, OK
    -Eustis, VI
    -Fort Bragg, NC
    -Fort Benning, GA
    -Fort Irwin, CA
    -Camp Henry, South Korea
    -Fort Riley, KS
    -Fort Stuart, GA

    Rules and Regulations:

    This raffle is approved by the guidelines of the Nevada Legislature NRS 462.140. Each ticket will be 10 dollars. There is no limit on how many tickets you may purchased. The winner will be randomly drawn and there will be a video of drawing that will be posted on youtube.

    If you are not legally able to own a firearm but still would like to donate or you would like to simply donate to a good cause please contact us. All state gun ordinances will be taken into account. Please check yours state gun laws. If the winner lives in the state of Nevada you must complete a background check. If outside of Nevada, the winner must provide a valid FFL to ship the rifle to.

    Feel Free to Contact me at with any questions or if you wanted to meet me in person to purchase tickets. Or Private Message me on a forum and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please just use one of the methods. Thanks and Good luck!!

    The option of using paypal has been removed due to the circumstance that a firearm is being given away. those who have already submitted money are ok. Please feel free to send a money order or meet in person if possible. (until a new resolution has been found on how to solve this problem please be patient with us)

    Tickets are $10.00 each!!
    Ticket Bonus- Purchase 5 get one FREE!!

    Drawing will be held on March 31, 2011

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