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Help a guy out?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 22nut, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. 22nut

    22nut Oregon New Member

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    I'm trying to decide on my next acquisition, a HK P2000SK in .40 or a USPc in .40.

    I know everyone has opinions, but does anyone know of where I can rent one and try it out, or would some kind owner be willing to meet me at tri-county or CCPTSC some evening or weekend for a sample shoot? I'll supply the ammo.

  2. Jerry

    Jerry Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think that you should consider a ParaOrdnance P-14.45 LDA. One that has three 14-round mags and one 10-round mag:rolleyes:

    Of course, the HK is a rather fine firearm.

    You might check out The Place to Shoot in Delta Park. They used to have a good selection of handguns to rent for a session.
  3. GrpCapMandrake

    GrpCapMandrake Vancouver Active Member

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    If you go to The Place to Shoot though just remember they will not rent you a gun if you show up by yourself, so take a friend.
  4. BryanMunson

    BryanMunson United States, Albany, OR Member

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    My first handgun was a USP Compact in 40 about 16 years ago. I ended up going to a USP full size in 40 shortly thereafter. Now I have an XDM in 45 and wouldn't go back but that is just my opinion. If I were to get another HK it would be in either 9(P2000) or 45(USP) , the recoil impulse of the 40 in that format is just too snappy for me.

    BTW I use my XDM in USPSA Limited/Limited 10 and have over 5,000 rounds through it in the last couple of years (don't shoot nearly as much as I would like).
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  5. Trailboss

    Trailboss Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    English shooting pit in Vancouver will rent any firearm but it needs to be scheduled with them for a particular date/time.