Hey all,

I'm not much for posting personal stuff online so it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to practice self disclosure in such a way that you learn a little about me without feeling like I'm giving everyone a look inside my bedroom.

I enjoy target shooting, hunting and participate in concealed carry. I usually take the kids plinking and they enjoy the noise of lead on steal almost as much as I do (and we love our public lands and always pack out more than we pack in).

I enjoy and appreciate the 2A and think we need a more concerted push to educate gun owners and the general public as to the real purpose of it's existence. We aren't crazy conspiracy theorists, we just don't naively trust the "good" in people.

However, I also try to put more faith in the God who made me than the gun which might protect or feed me. Balance and perspective are often allusive, but still worth pursuing.
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

Check out the organized clean ups. It's the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly.

We are doing non ODF supported cleanups at public forests - check the North Fork Wolf Creek Road thread in resources.

If you really want to get involved in community action check out Trash No Land.


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