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    Hi everybody, I hope there's room for one more amongst the groups, My names Michael or Mike, Call me anything you like as long as I’m not called late for dinner. :laugh:

    I am a structural Carpenter/concrete man by trade yet do to my age and lack of work, I have found myself changing gears, I'm not really a paint ball arms dealer, Just a guy who had to much time on his hands and came up with some interesting .68 caliber air gun Ammo with a twist.

    I'm smart as a whip yet humbled with a bit of a disability in written expression (writing skills) among others so please bare with me at times, some things just take me a little longer to do, Please try not to read to much between the lines yet at the same time you might find something useful, You may find your self wondering what I'm talking about or confused, I find myself the same way at times. It's always say it's better to ask a question than Assume.

    I'm the kind of guy who thinks outside box which allows me to open and see both sides of things, and a excellent problem solver. you will always find me useful and friendly unless attacked or targeted. For those who might use caution it's much harder to hit a thinking moving target who may have already anticipated your next move. Chess anyone? :D

    I'm here to make friends not enemies and I'm a firm believer in what comes around go's around, Me and karma are good friends and God is my true protector.

    My credibility means a lot to me, I hope yours dose too. Should we find our selves in disagreement after putting our selves in each others shoe's, let always agree to disagree and we will get along fine, I'll still have your back, You never know we may find ourselves side by side protecting and defending our rights one day.

    Way to much information I know, But how else are you going to get to know me.

    Your friend. Michael
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