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I was overjoyed to find your website tonight. I am one of the few citizens of Eugene who is not a hippie or lesbian and who is a vocal proponent of the 2nd Amendment!(apologies to other Eugene denizens on this site). I am the proud owner of a SCAR 17, Barrett Rec-7 and just ordered an Aug A3 from the Baron's Den. Looking forward to getting to know your members.
You'll find all kinds of toys, gear, advice and ideas here.
And not all of it's bad!:D
Welcome to the forum. Lot's of info here and some great people too.

...including some VERY outspoken hippie lesbian 2A activists :s0155:
And OH MAAAAN the SCAR 17 and Rec-7's are both on my 'someday' list, which since joining this site is about a hundred pages long! Plus the AUG, oh my Lord... I think the 9mm AUG A3 9mm XS would fit me nicely... at least a fella can dream...

Anyways! Welcome aboard!
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