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I've been ghosting through this forum for some time. Mainly interested in it from a poster in WA Randb that is working on getting silencer use legal as well as last years attempt by Senator Kline to ban "Assault Weapons".

I've been a hunter most of my life growing up in rural Lewis County then moving up to Pierce after a stint in the army that landed me back in Kelso for a number of years. Shortage of jobs and I found myself moving to this area. Been in Pierce County for about 10 years. Never really got fully into the 2A items since I figured for the most part it didn't involve me. However, as I got older and realized sooner or later that if the Brady bunch got their way it soon would inolve me.

Plus I really like guns and hunting. Not much of a fisherman.
However, as I got older and realized sooner or later that if the Brady bunch got their way it soon would inolve me.

I had that "no sh-t" moment back in 1990 when I was stationed in Hawaii and they started to try adding more restrictions to their already ridiculous laws. My efforts made no difference at all. When I moved to Washington in 1999, it really hit home that the laws were much more relaxed as I bought an SKS at a gun show, walked it to my car, waving to the police security as I went by and put it uncased into the trunk.

Since then I have become more involved, but it was only in 2010 that I was able to make any significant progress at all. A person has to plan on writing at least ten letters to get one acknowledgement. Be prepared to be ignored at best or be told lies by the legislators at worst. There is a price to be paid for trying to change the law. I have taken time off from work and missed valuable opportunities to work overtime to meet with legislators. Fellow gun owners have criticized me and demonstrated how much our lack of unity prevents us from regaining the rights we have been losing since 1934. A person sometimes has to take lots of crap when trying to do the right thing.

Welcome to the forum.

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