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    Hello from Kent, WA. I am looking into getting a handgun for home defense and for target shooting. I thought joining a forum would be good start, as I've joined a number of other forums for my other hobbies. I am here to learn more about this sport and get some idea on what I should get as my first handgun - most likely a 9mm.

    I grew up around guns. My dad was big into duck and quail hunting. He was also part of the rifle association where he participated in skeet shooting at the national level. So I grew up around guns and are comfortable shooting and handling them. However, I've never owned one, nor have the responsibility of maintaining one. So I guess I am a noob. (Dad is no longer with us so I didn't have a chance to learn from him).

    Recently, I started researching into 9mms. I talked a number of enthusists on what I should get. Based on that, I made a list and went shooting at the range. After 300 rounds, a front runner emerged - CZ 75B. I guess I will do more poking around and post a few more questions here and there.


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    ... welcome to the forum, goat herder!
    Nice choice made with the CZ, plenty of opinions to be read here.


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