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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Scoots, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Total newb on this forum, which was recommended by an acquaintance of mine and I'm glad he did!!!

    I have a number of firearms that I inherited from my Gramps in 1980, most of which he never fired after he acquired them (neither have I) and I'll be selling many to feed my ammunition addiction.

    Anyway I just completed a face to face sale from an ad that I posted in the shotgun classifieds. The model 1897 Winchester shotgun was sold to a local Cowboy Action Shooter. A very nice fellow, he was very pleased with the condition of the shotgun and the asking price, and I'm pleased that one of several of my Gramps' shotguns is now owned by such a nice fellow.
    I hope all of your transactions on this forum will be just as fun and pleasant as mine was! :s0090:
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    Welcome, Scoots.
    My family has roots in Brownsville and even has a few pics in the local museum. Cool town.

    By the way, being the sentimental type that I am, you might think twice about selling Gramps guns...

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    Welcome! After looking at the Classifieds a while, don't forget to have a look and maybe participate in the General Firearm Discussion, Prep & Survival or Legal.
    A lot of the rights we Gun Owners enjoy are on the line. It's good to stay informed!

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