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    Hello from Wasilla, Alaska! My name is Bryan and I hope you all don't take this as spam, because that is not how it is intended. I am the co-creator of a website called GunBANK.com. I am here to try to get some of you folks to try my new website to buy and sell you guns. It is completely free with no "final fees" or anything like that.

    Alot of time, effort and money has been poured into the site to get it to where it is now. If you have ever used gunbroker.com to buy or sell guns you probably are well aware of how much it costs you to use the system. They charge a lot of money for their services. I want everybody to have the same type of system (much better in my opinion) for free. No charges for buying and selling using the site, ever.

    Also, I would really like to see some people using the site and giving feedback as to how it works and what bugs arise that need to be fixed.

    GunBANK Online Firearms Auction - Buy and Sell Guns

    Thank You,
    - Bryan

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