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    Hello Everyone, my name is Frank and I have been a bowhunter of Whitetail, Mule Deer, and Hogs since I was 15 in California. Since I moved to Georgia, I have revived my love for hunting only this time I am also using a riffle for game hunting. I own an old Bear Archery bow that I have upgraded with some of the latest doodads in order to maintain my favorite bow and sport but recently I made a new purchase of a new Remington Model 770 chambered in 7mm Rem. Mag. and I cannot wait til Deer season so that I can take it out and use it in the field. I have also found a new hobby in handloading my own ammo for this chamber and I am still learning but I cannot wait til I can finally use some of my new handloads. In the meantime I have been using some Remington factory loads to practice with my new riffle at the range. I also own a couple of other firearms but I have those for shooting and defense and have always had them since I left California. One of them is no longer a legal weapon in California but the Shotgun has always been good for defense and even though it was intended for duck hunting, I have never been duck hunting but I do plan to go Turkey hunting with it next year though. I also would like to thank everyone who has set this site up for all Gun enthusiast or weapons enthusiast and I look forward to getting as much help with any of my questions as I would be of help to some as I develop more experience in this forum.

    Frank :thumbup:
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    Welcome to the site Frank!
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    Welcome to the forum!

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