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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Roland, Feb 11, 2014.

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    I'm not only new to this forum, but I'm new to firearms. About two months ago, I bought my first ever gun, a Kahr CW40. I've been shooting and reading all about guns, and having a blast learning a whole new field. Last moth I bought a 10/22 and I think I'm going to be adding quite a few more firearms to my safe over the next couple years.

    I come from a family that as far as I know, not one single relative owns a gun. I work in academia, and most of my friends think I'm crazy to have brought a firearm into my household. I have a couple childhood friends who hunt, collect and just enjoy firearms, and it's through their guidance I have entered the world of gun ownership. I am planning a couple hunting trips with my friends next year, first will be either squirrels or rabbits with the 10/22 or some 22lr I end up with. The second hunt will be for deer, but that's a ways off.

    Over the past two months,I have gone from no guns to two, multiple extra magazines, several holsters, all sorts of other accessories including over 400 rounds of .40SW and around 2500 22lr rounds, witch was hard as hell to do with the shortage. Yesterday I went gun shopping and looked at both the Browning buck mark and the Ruger Mark III. I didn't buy yet, but I think one of those will be my next purchase. Also on my shopping list over the next year is some sort of meat gun, maybe a Ruger American 30-06 for next years hunt, some sort of home defense 12 gauge and of course I'll be wanting some sort of battle rifle just cause they are bad *** and fun to shoot.

    Ok, I don't think most new posters are foolish enough to write such an introduction but now you know a little about me.

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    Roland, welcome to the shooting sports and NWF! I take it the Kahr CW 40 is for self defense. Something you should have a serious discussion with your defenseless friends about. Thank you for saying more that most in your introduction...Refreshing!
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    Welcome to NWFA. A new person always brings a fresh set of eyes to the environment. Looks like you aren't going in blind and have some friends to help you along the way. There's always plenty to learn and discuss in the forum.
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    Welcome aboard

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